Today I have another unique live wallpaper to share with everyone. I better stop featuring all the good ones or they might run out on me. Today I’ll be showing you Photile Live Wallpaper. This amazing app like many other LWP’s doesn’t look that great from the images but once you install it you will see why I chose this. It’s actually very cool and gives you plenty of options.

Photile actually turns any picture you choose into a grid of bouncing, floating, fading, and sliding tiles. With smooth and stunning visuals you can tap the screen and watch a ripple-like effect as the tiles float around. You can choose to keep the image in tact or let the tiles slide and go completely random. You lose sight of what the image is that way, but it sure it neat to watch.

I was going to show you with my wonderful Olivia Wilde background but I decided the image above was more appropriate for all my viewers as I cater to everyone. You can used saved wallpapers, screenshots, downloads and even pictures taken with your device. You can choose how strong the reaction when you tap the screen and even change the size, spacing, shadows, and background color of the tiles. The developers Joko Interactive really give you plenty of options. Here is the video to show you what I mean.

Photile Live Wallpaper is very unique and will give your tablet or phone just the look you desire. It is available for free in the Android Market (linked below), as well as a paid version to unlock even more features although the free version is quite nice too. Don’t forget to check out my other top picks by going to the wallpaper portal.

Click or scan the QR code below to easily download Photile Live Wallpaper.