Summer isn’t over yet. You still have a few more weeks to go to the beach or lounge by the pool before Fall begins and Winter looms. We’re pretty sure you still won’t leave behind your gadgets because you can’t part especially with your smartphone. We know that not all mobile devices are water-resistant but to be sure, you can just buy a waterproof case. If you’re not convinced with the choices you see in the market, why not try something that is made like the space suit.

This PHOOZY Thermal Capsule is a new thin and flat protective case for Android phones and even iPhones. It protects your device not only from water seeping in but also from the heat when you’re at the beach or outdoors especially during summer time. Even during winter time, your phone can be protected as the spacesuit technology used is ready to protect astronauts and in this case, your smartphone from extreme temperatures whether the heat or cold.

The Thermal Capsule also boasts of an integrated drop protection and buoyancy. This capsule can float so you won’t have to worry about your gadgets sinking at the bottom of the water.

Making this product a more effective protection are its slim design and the Chromium-infused material that is lightweight and yet ready to guard your phone against different elements. It is tested and made with military standards so you know your device can survive harsh environments.