PhoneFusion today announced their Fusion Voicemail Plus service for Android Smartphones at the Under the Radar: Mobility event. This is fantastic news for those who went from owning an iPhone to the T-mobile G1. PhoneFusion offers services that their existing customers enjoy so much that they decided to bring them to Android.

Visual voicemail is an extremely useful service, that allows you to listen to messages in the order in which you like directly through your G1, without having to listen to them in chronological order. From what we have seen the visual voicemail service looks very primitive in its current state. The PhoneFusion Voicemail Plus service will be available for free by the end of the year.

Louis Libin, chief executive officer for PhoneFusion said, “With the launch of T-Mobile’s G1, the first Android-powered smartphone, people have been looking for an innovative visual voicemail app that runs on this breakthrough device. We believe Fusion Voicemail Plus fills this gap, giving the Android community a better way to stay connected when it matters most. We expect this application will quickly become one of the favorites on Android Market.”


[Via MarketWatch]