If not Google Photos, there’s Dropbox and any other cloud storage systems where you can save all your precious photos. Problem is, any of those services can end anytime. We don’t even trust Google because the tech giant sometimes just discontinue things even if they are doing well. Now on Kickstarter is the Pholio as your own personal cloud right at home.

The Pholio is more like your personal image archive. You need to connect to it to access all your digital photos and videos. What’s good about this device is it indexes the media files according to different categories. It takes advantage of visual recognition technology to make searching easier.

The Pholio learns from the user as it is being used. It remembers the photos and videos and groups them together so you can easily find what you’re looking for. It’s described as a secure photo box that you and the whole family can access whenever. It can be personalized according to the searcher. It also takes advantage of face detection and recognition if you want to see all photos of a particular person.

Pholio allows effortless browsing, easy searching, and more private storage and encrypted back-up services. The team behind it is trying to raise £95,653 as fund goal. About £9,267 ($12,210) have been raised already from 38 backers and 51 more days to go before deadline.

You can back this project on Kickstarter for a minimum of £10 ($14).

SOURCE: Kickstarter


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