Philips has shown off three new docking stations in the Fidelio family and all three of these are made specifically for the Android devices out there. The docking station line includes the AS111, AS351, and the AS851. The Android units are based on the same speaker systems as the range made for the iPhone and promises superior sound. The key to allowing the docking stations to work with all Android devices is a special micro USB connector on the dock.

The connector can be adjusted for portrait and landscape modes allowing any tablet or Android phone to be plugged in. Philips also has a dedicated Fidelio app for Android devices that pairs the smartphone with the docking station using Bluetooth. The app has some interesting features like the ability to let you find new artists, new music styles using music and media stores, and it can play your media library along with media from the web.

The AS851 is the high-end offering with 30W RMS of output power and special bass pipes to provide deeper bass. The A351 is made for use at home and the go with options for AC power or battery power. It has bass boost technology and 10W RMS total power. The last model is the AS111, which is a compact dock. It has a 360-degree design made to sit on a table and offers omni-directional sound.