Smartwatches are not the only wearable devices available in the market today. Aside from those digital watches, there are a number of health and digital trackers and monitors ready for the techie consumers. Philips is one of the forerunners in the industry and it has recently rolled out new products ranging from a health to an ear thermometer to body analysis scale and a blood pressure monitor.

These smart health products are just some of the first items part of the new line which was introduced over the weekend. Each product works with the HealthSuite Health companion app and each one is expected to help people monitor their health. The goal is to know if there are early signs of problems so you can make lifestyle changes.

Some aspects that must be monitored regularly include weight, body fat, and blood pressure. Every device available will be used for checking each aspect. The body analysis scale is for estimated body fat depending on one’s weight and height.

The health watch is to measure one’s sleep patterns, activity levels, and heart. The thermometer is for measuring body temperature while the blood pressure monitor/heart rate monitor is for checking the diastolic and systolic blood pressure. There’s also the wrist monitor and heart monitor available.

Pricing of the new health tracking products are as follows:
• Thermometer – $59.99
• Arm monitor – $99.99
• Wrist monitor – $89.99
• Body Analysis Scale – $99.99
• Health Watch – $249.99

VIA: SlashGear