Philips proudly announced its latest 4K TVs–the next 6000 Series. These new models will feature Google Cast so it’s easier to share and stream content from one mobile device and display on the TV. Those who have an Android-powered smartphone, tablet, or laptop with Chrome web browser can send media over WiFi to the Philips 6000 Series TV. The technology is fast becoming a standard in households these days, or at least, those who want to setup a smart home.

A lot of TV models now may have Google Cast abilities but the Philips 6000 boasts of 4K displays. It’s not just 1080p or 2K but 4K. The smallest TV will be 43-inches followed by the 49-, 55-, and the largest 65-inch class. They are almost the same but the 43-inch and 65-inch TVs come with HDR support and a Macro Dimming LED backlight on a VA LCD panel. On the other hand, the remaining two, the 49-inch and 55-inch will come with Micro Dimming backlight and BrightPro LED backlighting system.

Each 4K TV model also features built-in HEVC, VP9 decoders, HDMI ports with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP2.2 compatibility, MIMO antenna support, and an integrated 802.11ac Wireless LAN–allowing them to Google Cast and enjoy YouTube or Netflix any time. When it comes to audio, you can expect an immersive 3D sound with the Sonic Emotion Premium brought by the Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D technology.

As always with Philips, you can also expect an attractive design. The metal legs and super thin bezel give that simple yet elegant feel. Availability of these 4K TVs will be on June for the 49-inch and 55-inch models while the smallest and the biggest models will be out in July.

Pricing starts at $649.99 for the 43-inch and will be more expensive as the TV gets bigger–$799.99 (49″), $999.99 (55″), and $1499.99 (65″).

VIA: SlashGear