Sometimes it is much easier to record a voice note when you need to jot down something than it is to write or type it out. It can also be much more convenient during a meeting in the professional world to simply record the meeting via a dictation app or recorder than it is to try to write down everything that is said in the meeting.

Philips has announced an update to its Philips Dictation Recorder app for Android users that adds in some nice new features that will be welcome in the professional world. The updated app is at version 2.6 and it now allows Android users to record and securely send their voice files from anywhere with a internet connection.


The updated app has a new user interface that has a quick start guide and offers new dictation features. The new features include a set editing mode that allows users predefined overwrite, insert, and append modes. Those features make editing easier.

Once recorded the documents can be transcribed by transcriptionists, processed by speech recognition software, or sent to pro level workflow solutions like Philips SpeechLive. The app is on the Google Play store and is available for other platforms.

SOURCE: Philips


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