Earlier today, we told you about Boomerang, Instagram’s newest product that helps you make gif-like 1 second videos that you can share on your networks or keep for your own private collection. But this isn’t something totally new, and one of the apps that is doing almost the same is Phhhoto. Yes, that’s not a typographical error. That’s really the name of a new app that will shoot pictures for you that will loop forever.

Basically, Phhhoto takes several pictures of you or your friends and then loops it into an animated gif that you can share, use as a meme, or just store on your device so it can amuse you whenever you’re lonely or bored. The developers say that this is better than actually taking a video and then editing it and making it into a loop. This app requires little effort on your part, except probably on coming up with amusing and creative actions to turn into a gif.

You simply need to open the app, press the button that will allow you to take pictures while your subject is in action (sometimes that’s you) and then will automatically turn the photos into a looping gif. So yes, this is basically what Instagram’s Boomerang does too. What Phhhoto has an advantage is that it offers “surprise filters” every day to make your moving pictures even better.

You can download Phhhoto from the Google Play Store for free. You can try this out and compare it with Boomerang, and maybe even other similar apps to see which one works best for you.