As more and more people get to try and watch live broadcasts, apps like Periscope are slowly getting traction. And of course with more users, Twitter will seek to bring more features to the app to make people more excited about it. The latest update to the live streaming app gives you a global app that shows broadcast, both live and replay, all over the world, the ability to skip some parts in the replays, and zooming in on a broadcast to see more details.

Since Periscope users are scattered all over the globe, it would be interesting to see where they are broadcasting from. More importantly, the Global Maps feature allows you to take a peek into what’s happening in different parts of the world, aside from where you’re from. So every time you zoom in on a section of the map, Southeast Asia for instance, you’ll be able to see how many broadcasts there are in countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc. The red dots represent live broadcasts while the blue ones are replay.

Speaking of replays, there are times when you’re watching one that you just want to get to the good part and skip intros or parts you’re not interested in (because life is too short eh?). Now you can do so because of the skipping feature. When you’re watching a replay of the broadcast, just press down on it or drag it to the left or right to the part where you want to watch. You can also drag it up or down to change the speed.


Android app users can also now zoom in or zoom out while watching broadcasts, both live and really. The update is slowly rolling out to users so if it hasn’t reached you yet, just be patient a little longer.

SOURCE: Periscope