First it was Instagram, and now, other apps may follow suit. First out the door is livestreaming app Periscope, as they are now allowing you to view live broadcasts in either landscape or portrait orientation, depending on what you want to see or what the broadcaster intends you to see. The latest update to the app also includes several other new features like share context, accessibility for virtually impaired people, and an easier way to choose contacts you want to invite to follow your broadcast.

But first, and importantly for a lot of people, you don’t have to tilt your head to watch videos that were taken “sideways” or to not appreciate landscape-oriented broadcasted videos. So that live beach scene or the panoramic view of the top of the mountain will now look better when you’re watching. Although we’re used to the portrait or square orientation when watching on our smartphones, our eyes are still naturally oriented to landscape, and so having all these apps finally acknowledge it is a relief for some of those that have been unhappy about it.

If you’re sometimes surprised that a broadcaster you don’t follow suddenly appears on your timeline, then you won’t be surprised anymore. There is now an indicator under the broadcast that tells you who shared the broadcast. And when you want to share your broadcasts privately, it is now easier since you get a list of people you follow who are also following you. There is also now an option to select all your mutual followers so you don’t tick them one by one.

Periscope says they are also working on accessibility for visually impaired users, but for now, they’re only rolling it out to iOS users, with a promise to invest in it over time. The update is rolling out to users, so check yours if you already have it.

SOURCE: Periscope