Ever snapped a photo with your smartphone and it wasn’t quite good enough? While our cameras have been improving the overall image quality sometimes still isn’t up to par. Today we have a brand new app called Perfectly Clear that has just launched for Android — that aims to solve this problem. Perfectly Clear automatically applies 10 patented intelligent corrections in a few seconds to make almost every photo worth keeping.

No this isn’t Instagram. You won’t be applying filters that makes your images look all wonky. Instead the app offers 10 preset or custom filters that will correct all sorts of mistakes and image quality issues in photos. From poor lighting, over exposed shots, loss of detail and tons of other things. These patented correction filters work wonders. Check out the sample shots below.

Perfectly Clear’s industry leading auto image correction software has been available on PC’s for years, but now is finally available on mobile. Hopefully this will help all those terrible Facebook photos earn a little quality. With Perfectly Clear you’ll have access to 10 patented filters and you can fix an image in an instant. Use their auto settings, or select the slider to tweak and improve images to your own liking. Sadly they don’t offer pinch-to-zoom, but otherwise the app is great.

They’ve designed a very simple and easy to navigate user interface. Everything is extremely easy and the sliders really makes those little adjustments to photos a breeze. For those “mobile photographers” this is a must have app. Check out the impressive samples below, then head to the Google Play Store link to get Perfectly Clear today for the introductory sale price of just $0.99 for a limited time.

Play Store Link