The brand isn’t joining the gadget manufacturing business but PepsiCo is set to launch a new line of smartphone and accessories with the help of a trusted but still unnamed licensing partner in China. The products are aimed for the Chinese market initially but may soon be available all over the world.

This isn’t the first time that PerpsiCo has ventured into the mobile business. If you may remember, the food and beverage company once partnered with OPPO to release a Pepsi signature-bearing OPPO N1 two years ago (image above). It was more of a marketing campaign that had Pepsi putting its logo and signature colors on the smartphone. Back then, the OPPO N1 was hot property so Pepsi jumped in by releasing a limited edition Pepsi OPPO N1.

We’re guessing the new line of products and accessories will be the same. Pepsi has also recently licensed several items like accessories and apparel. It has partnered with several brands already including Italian shoemaker Del Toro for a soccer campaign and Bang & Olufsen, a Danish luxury stereo and TV manufacturer.

The smartphone is believed to be the Pepsi P1 and is set to be announced this coming October 20 according to Mobipicker. It’s not a high-end, premium flagship phone but specs are expected to be good enough. As for the price, it should be affordable if Pepsi wants to sell more.

We’re not surprised that brands like PepsiCo are doing this kind of marketing. It’s one strategy that will hopefully help the company increase its numbers. We don’t have the exact figures right now by PepsiCo’s shares have been going down. We’re crossing our fingers that, at least, the Pepsi P1 will pull some numbers up.