Imagine a world where you can do with your Android device all the things you’ve been able to do on your desktop for years. That world is becoming a reality. First with the Atrix 4G working on a laptop interface, now a pen that when writing on any surface displays the written text on your phone – or of course, your Motorola XOOM tablet you’ll be purchasing sometime later this year.

Pentel Airpen Minis work in concert with the reader device you also see above. Three sensors are inside, sensing the location of the pen as it relates to each of the three. As the pen moves, each sensor returns with a different reading, and the device can feed precise numbers back to whichever computer or phone you’re tied to! This is only one of the newest in a growing line of products making use of the Android open source project. At CES 2011, we were privy to a whole array of odd objects from a garbage can, to robots, to a refrigerator employing the Android OS. Now with Honeycomb being blasted out from Google’s holding tank, the party will only grow exponentially. Joy!

[Via Akihabara News]