Worried about damaging your new Samsung Galaxy S5? It’s not going to gather many scratches with that band-aid back, but drop it and you might be in trouble. AT&T and Pelican have a lineup of cases that could prevent disaster from occuring, should you clumsily unhand your device.

The Pelican Protector and Voyager cases will keep your Galaxy S5 safe and secure, with “the same product DNA found in equipment used by first responders and our armed forces”. The cases are both of one piece construction, and feature an improved chamfer design on the edges to deflect energy in the event you drop your phone.

Of the two, the Voyager is the bulkier (but safer) design, noting four layers of “rigid polycarbonate and energy-absorbing TPR”. Pelican also says the Voyager will protect against “sharp-edged attacks to its screen”, which we take to mean the corner of a desk as there is a rolled seam over the front edges.

The Pelican and Voyager will cost $40 and $50, respectively, and are listed via the AT&T site (link below). Available now, these are some of the more durable, rugged cases we’ve seen for the Galaxy S5 yet. Both are available in black, but the Voyager is also available in a white/grey variant, as well as a blue/green scheme.

Via: AT&T/Pelican