As smartphones become more high-tech (and more complicated), people will find more uses for it, not just for lifestyle needs but for all other important purposes in our everyday lives. A series of short documentaries from Sony have shown how ordinary people are using the Xperia Z3 “to do great things” with their smartphone. The latest and last one in the Demand Great series show how using their latest flagship can help health care workers to bring quality eye-care to remote, rural areas.

Peek Vision is a portable eye-examination kit that uses apps on smartphones to help diagnose eye conditions from anywhere, especially those areas that are far from hospitals or are too remote to bring heavy equipment in. The 20.7 megapixel camera of the Xperia Z3 makes it perfect for conducting the eye examinations, especially as it can function in low-light situations. The smartphone’s dust and water-proof capabilities also help as some of these areas have extreme weather conditions. The extended battery life also helps as sometimes electricity is scarce or erratic for the remote villages that need to be reached.

The short documentary shows how a village in Guatemala has been benefitting from Peek and the use of the Xperia Z3. The co-founder of the service, Stewart Jordan, believes that proper eye-care should be available for everyone. His organization is partnering with Sony Mobile, who will be donating over 150 smartphones, to bring the service to countries like Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mali and Tanzania.

It is always good to hear how technology can be harnessed to help make life a little bit easier for some people outside our comfort zone. It’s too easy to get lost in all the latest apps and games that are there for our enjoyment. Technology is not just for the “privileged” who can afford it, but also for the rest of the world who can benefit from it. Kudos to Peek for doing so and to Sony for showing the world stories like these.