Popular Android utility Peek has a major update, but it’s not one that has added new features or fixes bugs. Instead, the update is that the app is now filed under the account of Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo or jedga, Peek’s author, instead of his Google Play Store “proxy” Francisco Franco.

This change is significant on two accounts. The first is that it marks Google’s addition of Colombia as one of the regions where developers are allowed to published paid apps. While Google’s Android Developer Console is available widely and to any developer, the ability to monetize apps is limited to certain markets only, with Colombia previously left out of the list. This forces developers like jedga to look for friends in other supported countries to publish the paid apps for them, sometimes with undesirable consequences. Now that the doors have been opened, jedga is able to move his apps to his own account in Google Play Store, to minimize confusion about the authorship and authenticity of the apps.

That said, the second reason this news is significant is that it will be causing some initial confusion. Peek been available on Google Play Store for a while but the paid version has been published under Franco’s name. The older Peek Pro version has been updated with an insanely high price tag of $200 to prevent would be buyers from making the wrong purchase. Those who have bought it in the past will now have to install the correct free version under jedga’s name and update the old Pro version, which will automatically unlock the new Pro Peek. New buyers, on the other hand, will have nothing to worry about.

Peek is the standalone Google Play Version of the similar named feature available on Paranoid Android. The feature itself traces its history back to the 2013 Moto X and its Active Display feature, allowing users to see notifications on the display even when the phone is still locked and, in the case of AMOLED screens, without even waking up the entire display. There are now three version of Peek up on Google Play Store so there might be some confusion. The proper ones, which have Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo as the named developer, can be found in the Download links below.

Download: Peek (Free), (Pro) on Google Play Store
SOURCE: +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo