Pebble has just announced the availability of the latest version of its PebbleOS firmware for the popular smartwatch. It’s the usual round of fixes, features and improvements, so let’s dive in to see what has really changed.

The development team has managed to stomp down a few bugs that have been especially annoying. Bluetooth connectivity has been fixed so iOS users will no longer experience having their Bluetooth connection dropped mere seconds after connecting. Pebble is also now more reliable in displaying caller ID numbers, even from a missed call. A serious issue that led to some users’ watches entering into Recovery Mode after the last firmware upgrade has also been addressed.

For new features, Pebble now has an improved and more powerful Alarm app, which is now capable of handling multiple alarms and editing existing ones. Alongside that, a Snooze Alarm has also been added to the mix. There is also a new Do Not Disturb feature which, like similar features on smartphones, blocks all notifications for a certain time period designated by the user. Users will also have more control over notifications, letting them decide whether to completely disable them, pay attention only to phone calls, or turn them on full blast.

Developers also have a bit of treat in this release, with the announcement of Beta 3 of SDK version 2.0, which is slated for release by the year’s end. Pebble owners can get their hands on the latest firmware simply by initiating the update process from their Android app.

VIA: SlashGear