When you go to the Pebble website, you’ll be forgiven for thinking a bomb will go off in 4 days and x number of hours, seconds, milliseconds, etc. Of course it’s not a literal bomb (we hope not) but the timer seems to be signaling a major surprise from the smartwatch maker. But as to what this surprise will be is still up for a lot of speculation, from a colored display wearable/new hardware or it may be a new software or maybe even both.

Pebble‘s big boss Eric Migicovsky has previously stated that they might be bringing in new softwared in order to differentiate themselves from the slew of other wearable platforms like Android Wear and the upcoming Apple Watch. But just a few days ago, Pebble released the live version of their Android Wear notifications app, so this might be an indication that in terms of software, they’re willing to work with their competitors instead of going straight up against them.

Another persistent rumor is that we’ll be seeing the release of a color-screen Pebble, which will also come with a microphone and will be flatter than their current incarnations. At the CES earlier this way, we saw a company that can make color ePaper displays so that is not such a distant possibility. According to 9to5Mac, their sources are saying that this new hardware will also come with a tweaked software, so we might be getting the best of both worlds after all.

We still have four days or so to go before we find out what the smiling watchface with the ticking timebomb under it actually means. Who knows, maybe it was just a countdown to a new appstore or something, which might make a few fans and observers annoyed or even angry. Let’s hope Pebble indeed has something special for us.

VIA: SlashGear