Pebble smartwatch users can now access an over-the-air update to their firmwear with Version 2.3, as well as an iOS app update for Apple users. With this update, you can now skip past notifications by double-clicking your device, and along with this, v2.3 also gives you better Bluetooth connectivity and other improvements on the gadget’s stability.

Previously, you could skip some of the notifications on your smartwatch by one click, if they’re short enough to fit on your screen. However, for those that receive longer notifications, you sometimes need to scroll down before you can move on to the next notification. With the 2.3 firmware update, if you don’t want to read the whole notification, you can just move on to the next one by double clicking on the Down or Up buttons

The update also improves Bluetooth LE connectivity, a must for smartwatches as it is the only way you can connect with your device. Along with it are the usual bug fixes and improvements to make the app more stable. Expect more minor updates to Pebble and other smartwatches as well since we are still in the early phase of the wearable devices. To update your Pebble, open your Android app and go to the Select Support part, where you just need to click on Update Your Pebble App, if for some reason, it still doesn’t automatically update.

As for the iOS App 2.2.2 update, it is also a minor one, which just allows more Javascript apps in the Pebble App Store. Some of the apps previously still say “Coming Soon” for iOS devices but now they will be downloadable already. All you have to do to update is to go to the Pebble app on the iTunes App Store.

SOURCE: Pebble