Whenever a firmware update for a device becomes available, it should be something to get excited about because your smartphone or smartwatch or tablet will probably be getting new features to enhance its user experience. For Pebble users, time to update your wearable’s software as Pebble Time firmware 3.9 and the Pebble Time App for Android 3.9 both get a boost with a new Health API so apps and watch face developers can show official activity data and users expanded messaging options.

The tracking data for Pebble Health has been improved with this update, giving you more accurate information and even showing you how long you’ve walked or run in kilometers, if you prefer that unit. They have also now made the Pebble Health API available for developers so the data can be incorporated into the apps they’re building for the platform. If you receive an MMS message, you now have descriptive icons and if it has text, it’s also included. And finally, if your device is running low on charge, you can turn it into a watch-only wearable and keep it running a few more hours even if it’s critically low already.

As for the Pebble Time app for Android, the latest version now allows you to respond to a call through either a voice note, an emoji or a pre-set custom message, in those cases when you can’t take said call. If you have a Time-series watch, you can now start a conversation from your wrist by sending a new voice note, emoji, or custom message. But you can only send them to your recent or favorited contacts.

To update to the latest firmware, go to your Pebble Time smartphone app, and go to the Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble section and it will update itself. The latest version of the Pebble Time app for Android is now available at the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Pebble