The say that the next generation is the future and Pebble wants to be a big part of that future. It is preparing 4,000 of its popular Pebble smartwatch, amounting to $600,000, to deserving students in schools across the country for absolutely no

The Pebble Education Project is the company’s way of trying to help educators and computer science and engineering students improve their educational experience. In particular, the Pebble smartwatch would give participating schools, professors, and students with actual product that can be used in courses like systems and embedded programming.

There is, of course, also an advantage to this project, aside from the exposure and additional publicity that it could generate. Pebble would also be able to harness the mental faculties of a 4,000-strong contingent that is sure to benefit the evolution of the smartwatch, from apps to ideas to real world testing.

The Pebble Education Project, at the moment, focuses on educational institutions where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are given priority. So far only seven schools have been listed as participating in the project, including Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and more. Depending on the success of this first round, Pebble might expand the project to more institutions and fields in the future.

VIA: SlashGear