The group stages of the World Cup are all but over but the footballing action is just heating up as the knockout stage promises to bring even more drama, surprises and yes, even controversy. Brands are all over themselves to get in on all the fun and to provide their customers with the most creative ways to follow the happenings in Brazil. Pebble and Google are just two of those who have updated their features to satisfy users’ World Cup fix.

Pebble teamed up with Kimono Labs to come up with an API for their smartwatch so that you can be updated with all the latest scores, even when you’re in a meeting or at school, without having to take out your mobile device every few minutes. You can also set reminders so that you will not miss any of the matches, especially since there are only less than 20 games left. These features are available in the World Cup Pebble app.


You can also customise your watch face and accessories to reflect which of the teams you’re supporting. The Paul Rode Watchface Generator lets you create your own design while the Pebble skin from GadgetWraps lets you change your strap according to the flag of the country you’re rooting for.

Meanwhile, those who clicked “yes” when asked if you’d like to receive #WorldCup updates on Google Now will now also receive video highlights as soon as the matches finish. Just choose which match you’d like to look at and you’ll see clips from ESPN of the goals, red cards, and even biting incidents. If you haven’t yet, add World Cup as one of your interests on Google Now so you can get all the updates as they happen.

SOURCE: Pebble, Google