Smartwatches are becoming not just sought-after wearable gadgets but even fashion accessories as well. The fashion-conscious would not just be content wearing the usual black, gray or white devices on their wrist but would prefer something cooler and even changeable. Pebble has come out with limited edition colors for their smartwatches in a campaign they’ve dubbed #FreshHotFly.

Two years ago, the wearable brand conducted a #ColorMyPebble competition where they asked users to submit their nominations for the the next color ideas for their smartwatches, to add to the existing Jet Black, Cherry Red and Arctic White. The winners were for the colors Orange and Black, which they then produced. But it looks like there’s a demand for more colorful options, and so they’ve added Fresh Green, Hot Pink and Fly Blue in their smartwatch line, but for a limited time only.

But it’s not just the colors that they’ve tweaked. Pebble has also added new watchfaces that are available in their App Store, which includes of course a Fresh, Hot and Fly editions, plus a weather watchface from the Weather Channel. Later this year, they will also be releasing a Reading Rainbow watchface with an 8-bit Levar Burton, after their kickstarted campaign to bring back the children’s TV series has finished and backers have received their Special Edition Pebbles.

So if you feel like getting yourself a #FreshHotFly Pebble smartwatch, head on over to their website to choose among the three colors. You just need to shell out $150 and a green, pink or blue wearable will be yours, while supplies last at least.

SOURCE: Pebble