The original model Pebble is now available with another retailer. Said retailer is Target and they will have the original Pebble available online and in retail locations (with a slight catch). The price is the familiar $149.99 and those considering a purchase can expect to find three color options — one of which arrives as a retail first.

Target will have the Pebble available in Jet Black and Cherry Red, as well as Arctic White. The white is the retail first and according to details coming from the Pebble announcement — that will be “exclusive for a limited time.” No word on when that will be ending, however those looking to get an Arctic White Pebble and avoid Target will be able to shop using the GetPebble website.


Pebble has the complete five color lineup showing as in-stock at the moment. The price is $150 and along with the black, red and white — the remaining color options include grey and orange. Pebble is also offering free USPS (3-5 business day) shipping at the moment. Of course, the plus of being able to shop in Target means being able to see these in person before making a commitment to any specific color.

Getting back to that slight catch. At this time the black and red models are shown as being available online and in retail Target locations. The white model on the other hand, is shown as being available only in the retail space. But again, having to venture out of the house and into a retail store means being able to see the color selection first hand.

SOURCE: Pebble