The folks at Pebble have announced the news we suspect many have been waiting for, the app store. In this case, that will be the “Pebble appstore” and it is expected to be open and ready sometime in “early” 2014. The specifics beyond that have yet to be revealed, however the folks at Pebble have said the store will integrate seamlessly with the existing Android app.

An early 2014 timeframe could have one looking toward an opening during CES, but that is simple speculation on our part. More to the point here, the appstore will be a one-stop location for both Pebble watchfaces and apps and as one would expect and/or hope to see, it will offer the ability to search, browse and install.

Given the integration with the existing Android Pebble app, one could also be on the lookout for an update to hit the Play Store. That all being said, as for the average end user, you now have the knowledge that an official Pebble appstore is in the works and coming relatively soon. This does have some connection to the SDK 2.0 news though.

This is a bit more developer oriented, however that SDK did introduce found new APIs including Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistent Storage. Shifting back to what this means for the end user, more apps for your Pebble. And not only more apps, but apps with greater potential.


The folks at Pebble have already begun teasing here and to that point, they have shared a bit about how the response to the SDK 2.0 has been “phenomenal.” We look forward to seeing the appstore launch, however in the meantime we do know that it will launch with seven categories including; Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, Tools & Utilities, Sports & Fitness and Watchfaces.