Pebble has confirmed the upcoming launch of the appstore for Monday, February 3rd. While there has been quite a bit in terms of third party apps available for the Pebble up until now, the launch of the appstore should offer developers a central location. And on the other side, it should also improve the end user experience when it comes to searching for new Pebble apps.

The Pebble appstore, while a new arrival, should be familiar for most users. Simply put, this will offer a central place to look for apps. But more to the point, the Pebble appstore will be broken down into categories and sections. Users will be able to browse apps and also read (or leave) reviews.

One question that remains to be seen comes in with the amount of apps you can have installed on your Pebble. At present, that number is limited to eight. We hope to see Pebble increase this number a bit, however in the meantime it will force users to be a bit more selective in terms of which apps they want to install, use, or otherwise checkout.

All that having been said, this does come with a bit of good news and bad news. You see, the February 3rd launch of the Pebble appstore will be for iOS users. Android users will be getting access, however there has yet to be a firm date as to when. For now, Android users are looking towards the earlier promise of it coming “very, very soon.”

VIA: Twitter, SlashGear