It looks like we have another Pebble smartwatch related update. This one will likely come as a bit of good news or bad news depending on the color you originally picked when you backed the project on Kickstarter. You see, the folks at Pebble have announced that all of the black watches are ready for shipping. Well, specifically, Pebble has said they are currently “making their way through the fulfillment process.”

Basically, if you ordered a black Pebble and don’t yet have it — you should soon. On that note, I can say that I backed the project on almost the last day and received mine this past weekend. The other side of this latest Pebble update is in regards to the colored watches. Unfortunately, these are not quite ready just yet.

The folks at Pebble have offered some details on the colored watch manufacturing process and are also offering the option for those still waiting on a color to switch things up and go with a black model. Sure, you may not be getting the flashier color you originally wanted, but you would have your watch quite a bit sooner.

As for the colored watches, Pebble has said they expect the first red watches to be ready for shipping in about 2 to 3 weeks. From here things get a bit worse for those waiting on another color. After red the team will be working on orange and then gray and white. Unfortunately though, things were then left with little more than a promise that more updates will arrive when they have additional information to share.

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