While it is fun watching the 360 degree short films that have been released by various OEMs and 3D studios, it can indeed be a challenge watching them as so many details are going on that you sometimes have trouble focusing. The story and the storytelling content have to both be compelling enough that you’d want to watch it several times in order to see all the details. The latest release from the 360 Google Spotlight Series called Pearl aims to tug at your heartstrings so you’d want to have multiple viewings.

Unlike the other films that have been released, this one keeps you in one place, and that’s the passenger seat of a car as you see the story of a father and daughter and their love of music unfold. You are given the feeling that you’re a spectator to their lives, but you still get the 360 treatment that we’ve come to expect from the Spotlight Stories. It is the first one though that has the most depth, and not only do you see something different in every direction you point to, but the environment also reacts to your vision.


The film is created by Patrick Osborne, an Oscar-winning director (that short animated film Feast that fronted Big Hero 6 ) who was an animator on Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Bolt, and Big Hero 6 too. He said the treatment for this is more like theater rather than film. And while he tried to direct the audience’s attention through tricks and techniques, since this is a 360 film, it’s okay for people to wander and then just watch the film over and over again to catch all the details.


You can watch Pearl with or without a VR headset and on any device that you prefer. You can watch it on the Google Spotlight Stories app or you can just watch on your browser as well. You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video below. We can’t wait to see what next 360 film will be released.

VIA: SlashGear