It’s back again, the Paypal X Developer Challenge. This time it is targeting everyone’s favorite mobile operating system, Android. The Paypal Developer Challenge is an event where they hold a contest for developers to build the best app that integrates Paypal secure payments into the mix. They have clearly noticed the extreme growth of Android over the past year or two and see a huge area to capitalize on.

Lets talk about Cash Prizes, Paypal has put some money where their mouths are and will be throwing some large sums of money directly into the paypal account for the winners of this years dev challenge.

* Grand Prize is $25,000
* 2nd prize is $15,000
* And 3rd prize is $10,000

They mention a few requirements and that they are looking for something new, something surprising, something with business potential, something that integrates PayPal payments.
The winning application will need to make us say, “Wow!”, and that “Cool!”, or “Awesome!” will also work. If you would like to read more from Paypal here is a little post from the Paypal Blog. Or if you need it here is also the Mobile Payments Development Library Kit.

Important Dates for the Challenge:

* May 14 – Deadline to submit your application for approval
* June 3rd – Deadline for making changes
* June 7th – Application live in an Android Marketplace
* June 29th – Winners announced

Good Luck Devs!

[via Paypal]