A new update from PayPal will help you have easier access to the online payment system, especially if you use it frequently during the day and if you’re secure enough that only you have access to your smartphone or tablet. If you have a higher end Samsung device, you will now be able to use your fingerprint scanner to open your PayPal app and account.

This feature has actually been present in the PayPal app distributed through Samsung’s app store. But now, it is also available for the one you got through the Google Play Store. If you have a Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Tab S, you can just use your finger swipe authentication when making purchases on your mobile device using PayPal. No need to always enter your password when buying stuff, which is of course a necessary security precaution, but can be tiresome (especially if you have a long-winded password).

For those who don’t have Samsung devices, the update also brings to you a feature that can be both scary and easy. You now have the option to stay logged in to PayPal on your phone, especially if you use it a lot during the day. But remember, you should only do this if you know that no one else will be able to use your phone or else you might find yourself with unknown transactions on your PayPal.

The update is slowly rolling out to users, but the change log indicates that some features might not be available for those outside the UK. If you don’t have it yet, you can download the PayPal app from the Google Play Store for free.