The PayPal mobile app is about to receive some changes. PayPal announced that a slew of updates will be released this June. Avid customers who are loyal in using the Android app will be prompted to get the upgrade to the next version until the end of the month.PayPal Version 6.0 brings a number of enhancements to make sure that mobile experience is fast, safe, secure, and remains private.

You will notice a lot of new things on the navigation and design of the mobile app. The frequently used features like PayPal balance, send/request money, and transaction history are moved to the forefront. This allows quicker access to one’s PayPal account because you can finish a transaction with only a few clicks, taps, and swipes.

All these are good news for Android and iOS users of the PayPal app. Unfortunately, PayPal for Windows Phone will no longer be available by June 30. The PayPal developers didn’t provide any reason why but assured users that accounts are still intact. They only need to access using a web browser on their Windows Phone devices.

It’s the same with the BlackBerry and Amazon Fire versions. PayPal will stop supporting such apps. Actually, it’s all about putting the resources of PayPal into areas that are more profitable. We’re assuming the Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon Fire versions don’t have many users compared to Android and iOS customers.

Life goes on. Don’t worry, PayPal will still be the same reliable mobile payment method. It’s like the world telling those few users to move on and switch to Android or iOS instead.