While mobile payment gateways like Android Pay and Samsung Pay are still competing to become the market leader in that industry, there are still online payment systems that are holding court. One of those is Paypal. But they know that in order to compete with the growing number of options for users, they would have to be more robust and agile. The latest update to the mobile app is an attempt to be that and focuses on the two important things for its users: sending and receiving money.

More than just a way for you to buy something online (and even offline), PayPal is also focusing on peer-to-peer payments, like paying someone back or splitting the cost of a gift, or buying something from a casual, online seller. The redesigned mobile app should make it easier for you to do all that. For one thing, it’s easier to view your balance and more importantly, to move your money to wherever you want to. Notifications are also more accessible with the new design.

You will also now be able to easily see your recent activity in a personalized home screen so you see where your money goes and where you get it from. Probably the two most important buttons of the app, the Send and Receive, have been moved to somewhere more accessible when you’re on your smartphone. The previous UI had to make you go to several steps first before you can even find the button, but now it’s right there in the home screen and wherever you go within the app.

You can also now add photos to your profile and also to your contacts list. This way, when you’re sending and receiving money, you’re more sure that you are indeed interacting with the right person. You of course can also use your phone’s fingerprint scanner to log in for added security. If you want to use your PayPal to shop in-store, they always have the PayPal Cash Card in case you still need a non-paperless way of transacting.

You can update your PayPal mobile app to the latest version in order to see this new look and feel. Let us know if you think the redesign has made your life a bit easier.



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