You probably really didn’t care much about the design and user interface of PayPal, as long as you were able to receive money or make payments or transfer cash, etc. This is one of those functional apps that you don’t spend much time on, but is necessary of course, especially if you depend on it for daily transactions. So you might notice a huge change when you update your mobile app, since they have redesigned the app from the ground up.

But the company assures its users that everything was done in order to have a faster and more efficient process and customer service, even though it might take some people time to get used to it. It’s a bit radical in a sense that it doesn’t look entirely Android and focuses more on quick actions rather than organized navigation menus. Quick actions include accepting and denying payments, paying a pending request, sending another payment and viewing your history with a specific merchant.

Some new things that you can also expect from the updated app is the ability to request money from family members and friends, which can be good news for you and bad news for them. You can also now view and update your personal information easily from the app. And if for some reason you need another PayPal account, you can now sign up for one from within your current account in the app. One thing you can’t do anymore with the update? Take screen caps from the system level, for security reasons probably.

The update has not rolled out for all users yet, but if you can’t wait for it to appear for your account, you can download the APK and install (at your own risk).

VIA: Android Police