PayPal is making good on an earlier promise to begin using the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5. We first heard details back in March, during Mobile World Congress. Essentially, Galaxy S5 users will be able to make mobile payments using the fingering scanner on the Galaxy S5.

While this is a bit more secure as compared to a regular password setup, there are some other potential perks for users. For one, they can avoid typing a username and password, which isn’t always as easy on a mobile device — especially for those with passwords that make use of letters, numbers and symbols.


PayPal thinks this is a “convenience that many consumers are ready for” and as of today, they will have this setup available in 25 countries around the world. PayPal users with a Galaxy S5 will be able to take advantage of this new setup on mobile web sites, mobile apps and in retail stores.

Shopping with retail stores that accept this setup has another set of perks. Your checkout process will be simplified, and it will not include you having to give a credit card to the store clerk. You’ll be able to check in and pay using your phone. There is also the potential to order ahead and skip some of the waiting in line once you arrive at the store. In that case you will have already ordered and paid using your phone — then you just pick up at the store.

In addition to the Galaxy S5, PayPal is also releasing an app for the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. This option means you will not have to take out your wallet or phone. Instead the transaction can be completed from the device on your wrist. The wearable app will be have support in eight countries. Along with making payments from your wrist, the app will also allow for balance checks, payment notifications and more.