PayPal has rolled-out the latest update for their Android app. The updated app brings mobile-wallet features and can be found in the Google Play Store. While we have seen some activity in the mobile-wallet space, it seems this has yet to really catch on for many consumers. With that in mind, this PayPal update adds a bit more than simply being able to walk in and pay with an app.

It seems PayPal has put a bit more thought into why users would want to pay with an app as opposed to using the regular (and often quicker) cash or card. This new PayPal setup will allow users to take advantage of coupons and also has other features to include being able to order ahead and even pay at your tablet. Essentially, these are perks that could simplify your experience.

And to further that, the PayPal app will also allow you to use Bill Me Later. Of course, this app update also came with a new look and feel. Aside from being able to use the app to make an in-store purchase, users are also able to send money to friends. For example, you can use the PayPal app to chip in for lunch or even go in on a gift.

As many are familiar with in terms of PayPal, users are still able to make payments using the account balance or by using a linked credit or debit card and bank account. Anyway, all of these features are available by way of a left-side menu which brings options for Shop, Wallet, Activity, Transfer and Settings.

Using the app to make an in-store payment appears relatively simple enough. You begin by selecting the Shop option from the left-side menu and pick the store. From here you will be able to slide to “Check in to Pay” and then tell the cashier that you are paying with PayPal. The app will also show the preferred payment method on the bottom and can easily be switched with a few taps.

That all being said, it seems the one issue that some will find with this newly updated app is the lack of store support. But of course, we would expect that to grow with time.

SOURCE: Google Play Store