Don’t have a new year’s resolution yet? January’s half over already, but don’t worry, we might have an option for you, especially if you’re in love or even just deeply interested in information technology, smartphones, and more. Even government leaders agree that coding isn’t just for elite geeks anymore and that everyone and anyone can learn the fine art of transforming ideas in to working software. And with this Pay What You Want: Complete 2016 Coder Bundle, you can get started in any or all of the major programming areas right now.

Mobile apps and web apps are two of the fastest growing markets when it comes to churning out code. That is why our special 2016 coding bundle covers both! For your minimum purchase, you can learn all that you can about Ruby, one of the most used programming languages for the Web, and Android Marshmallow, the latest version of the biggest mobile platform on the planet!

But why settle for the minimum? If you beat the average price, which right now is a little under $2 only, you get access to 8 other, even more interesting courses. There’s one for making web sites with HTML and CSS and another dealing with the business side of Web development. Of course, mobile apps are all the rage, so we’ve got the business covered too. And we’re even throwing in some iOS and Apple watchOS learning modules just to be fair and cover the whole gamut.

Hours and hours of learning, and you even get to help a charity too! So if you’re still looking for a great way to spend 2016, or are just eager to learn the ropes of software development, take a gander at our Pay What You Want: Complete 2016 Coder Bundle. That’s over a thousand dollars worth of education at the low, low price that you dictate.

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