The web is a vast resource fraught with competition. It’s dog eat dog out there and only the cream of the crop tend to survive the long haul. All others are sadly beaten and quickly forgotten. But if you act fast and take advantage of this deal before it ends on Sunday, you stand a chance of making it out alive. So how can you ensure the survivability of your web presence? That’s a good question and, luckily, it’s easy to answer: Stay abreast of web design and development advancements with high quality training, like the training you’ll receive with the Pay What You Want Front End Developer Bundle, available from Android Community Deals right now.

But high quality training doesn’t have to come at a high price. The Pay What You Want Front End Developer Bundle is great for beginners and also has some goodies in it for experienced designers. That’s because the art of web design is constantly changing, which means it pays to continually upgrade your skills with new concepts. Learn about web development coding languages like CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and more.

And, since it’s a Pay What You Want offer, you get to choose your price. Pay any amount over $1.00 to receive two fantastic beginners web development courses. And if you choose to ‘Beat the Average Price’, which is just over $6.70 as of this posting, you’ll get all 7 courses in the bundle. The entire package is valued at over $1000, so it’s an incredible deal any way you slice it.

Plus, you’ll feel good about your purchase knowing that 10% of what you agree to pay will go towards a great non-profit: Creative Commons.

Get expert web design training for a shockingly low price and ensure the survivability of your web site with the Pay What You Want: Front End Developer Bundle, at Android Community Deals for a limited time.

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