Launcher apps have been available since forever. We’ve probably tested hundreds already but there are only a few that we actually use. Personally, I’m still looking for one that will help my being unorganized. You see, it’s not just my room that is full of clutter. Even my phone’s home screen is a disaster that I just use the search function all the time. I know launchers can be helpful and I might try this new Pattern Launcher. This new app allows a user to simply make a pattern to launch an app.

The Pattern Launcher seems like a smart app because you only need to remember a short pattern but there’s also the problem of forgetfulness. It can be easy to set a pattern but to remember? I’m not sure since a lot of people can be forgetful at times.┬áDeveloper Appidemic is aware of that problem so the Pattern Launcher will not really require you to remember everything. All you need to do is remember the start of a pattern. Available patterns that have been configured will be shown for you to launch.

Pattern Launcher provides a 3 by 3 grid of dots. Set patterns of up to 72 apps you frequently use. Just set one or two hops (not more than 3) so you can remember most of them. It may seem confusing at first but it will be easier to use after some time. Other new features of the launcher app include a brand new search, faster starup, improved add and edit pattern UI, swipte, and a new tutorial.

Download Pattern Launcher from the Google Play Store