The gang over at Frost & Sullivan had an interview with Parrot. Parrot is the company behind the sweet AR.Drone and the plethora of Bluetooth headsets and hands free kits for cars and mobile phone users. Parrot’s global OEM director Eric Riyahi gave a hint of what is to come from Parrot in the automotive integration market and the plan sounds good.

There are a number of Bluetooth headset free options on cars today like the Sync system from Ford and others. Sync in Ford cars allows control over many aspects of the vehicle from entertainment to making calls using Bluetooth and voice control. Parrot will be introducing a system to automakers that offers more integration for Bluetooth control and services in the car. According to Riyahi, the Parrot FC6100 module will offer more integration inside the vehicle at a lower cost.

The new solution will offer basics like Bluetooth call capability and will act as a router and hub to share data connections from a 3G modem with passengers in the car using WiFi. The Parrot system uses Android to integrate the software libraries and offers connectivity and the ability to use popular apps from the Android Market right in the car. The system will let drivers and passengers use voice recognition for controls, talk hands free, manage media, get GPS and POI information, and a lot more. Parrot offers no information on what vehicles will get the FC6100 and when it might hit the market.