Parrot launched their ASTEROID line of devices back in March. This device lineup consists of the Smart, Tablet and Mini — all of which have access to the Parrot ASTEROID Market. Before anyone shifts focus thinking this is yet another market to download Android apps, the ASTEROID market does have one unique factor going for it. This market brings a focus on apps that are designed for use while in the car.

That being said, the Parrot ASTEROID Market contains a mix of free and paid apps and includes everything from GPS navigation solutions to apps that focus on traffic, music libraries and online radio. As of today however, the market has gotten a few new additions. The first of these new additions is Facebook.

Specifically, Facebook for ASTEROID, which is said to be able to help drivers “safely” stay connected. The app will allow the user to do everything from share updates to include images and videos. The app also shows notifications for likes and comments as well as offers the ability to chat, play games and in general use your “favorite Facebook apps and check in wherever they go.” For those thinking this sounds a bit involved for a driver, rest assured in knowing that “certain app functions may not be available while the vehicle is in motion.”

Shifting over and the other new additions to the Parrot ASTEROID Market include Mail, VLC, Recargo, Glympse and Roadhub. Keeping in line with the car features, these apps all have car friendly features. Take the Mail app for example, this will provide a new mail alert and even read new messages so the driver can simply listen.


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