This week the Parrot AR.Drone just got even better. The Android and iOS controlled quadricopter by Parrot and the entire platform just got improved with tons of new features for their app, as well as an extended high density battery for longer flight. We recently got our hands-on the Parrot AR.Drone and flight time was one of our biggest complaints.

Parrot recently announced their new extended battery will offer around 18-20 minutes of flight time per charge, compared to roughly 11-15 minutes that we got with the original. While there’s plenty of 3rd party bigger battery options available, getting one from Parrot ensures perfect weight for optimal flight.

That isn’t all either. Parrot has added tons of neat features to the AD.Drone application that will make flight and recording even better. They’ve introduced “director mode” with additional options for recording, pre-set movements, and more to make the experience better, and achieve smooth video recording. This will be a $3.99 in-app purchase, and sadly won’t be coming to Android until September.


The new Flight Recorder system will allow users to record the entire flight, including GPS information, as well as set pre-determined flight patterns. That could be useful. The Flight Recorder has 4GB of built-in storage and can save up to 2 hours of flight video and GPS results. However, you’ll have to recharge a few times to get 2 hours of flight. That’s where the extended battery comes in.

Flight Recorder will run you an expensive $129 but offers tons of improvements, and the extended battery isn’t cheap either costing roughly $69.99. More details from the via below. We can’t wait to get more hands-on time with the AR Drone 2.0, especially since it supports NVIDIA’s SHIELD.

VIA: SlashGear