(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

On-street parking sometimes brings a lot of problems for drivers, especially those in a hurry. You might not have enough change or it’s a hassle to run to the Muni-Meter to get a receipt or you might be running out of time and scared your car will be towed. But hey, technology has now come to your rescue. That is, if you live in New York City. The government has announced the launch of ParkNYC which lets motorists pay for their on-street parking through their mobile devices.

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

How to do it is pretty simple that you might wonder why they thought of it only now (well, of course, a lot of logistics and partnerships and programming had to go into it). First step is of course to download the ParkNYC app, which is free on the Google Play Store. You can also register for an account on www.parknyc.org. You then enter all your information and put in a password. You would also have to provide your car’s license plate number and set up your alert/notification preferences.

You will have to put money in your account, just like you would the EZPass. The increments are as low as $25 and can of course be reloaded. When you park in any supported NYC street, you will input in the app the unique zone number for the block where you’re at and then add the length of time you expect your car to be there. Once you get the confirmation, you’re good to go. If your time is running out, you can extend it from the app too as long as your maximum time hasn’t been reached yet.

This new tech is implemented by the city’s Department of Transportation and is operated by a private vendor called Parkmobile, LLC. It is rolling out to parking zones across the city and is expected to last until summer. You can visit www.parknyc.org for more information.



  1. well, here in Croatia, this system is alive for a few years and is even simpler than this. you just have to send ordinary sms containing your license plate on corresponding number (depends on parking zone/price), and that is that! no need for app, no need for payment in advance. parking price is added to your monthly phone bill.


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