In my area the only place you have to pay to park is if you have to go to the courthouse or downtown for some reason. The few times I have been downtown in recent years I always forget about the meters and usually don’t have change to feed the meter. If you are an Android geek in Richmond, Virginia that has the same problem, what you need to do is grab the Parkmobile app.

The app allows drivers to pay for their parking using their mobile phone. In addition to using the mobile phone app, the driver can also access the web to pay for parking or call a toll free number. Once the driver sets up an account, the app can be used immediately to pay for their parking.

The coolest part for those that worry about tickets is that the app will alert you when you have 15 minutes left on your meter so you can avoid the ticket. The app will only work with designated CityParking areas in Richmond, Virginia right now.