In one fell swoop, Paranoid Android has done two things. It has released the seventh beta of its 4.3 ROM version and it has set its foot down on the extent of features that will be included in its brand new Peek notification feature.

The point of contention for the latter is a new app that has appeared on Google Play Store. This version of Peek, which costs $4.09 is an officially sanctioned port of the Paranoid Android feature. The purpose was to make it available to other devices that are not running the particular ROM, as long as they are on Android 4.4 or later. Along the way, the app gained some new features and designs that would make Peek even more attractive to those outside of Paranoid Android’s circle of influence.

As it turned out, even PA’s own fans wanted those changes inside the integrated version of the feature as well. Unfortunately for them, the developer team has to say no at some point. The reason is that some of the extra functionality, especially the customization options, that have creeped into the standalone app would clash with the design and philosophy of Paranoid Android. As part of the ROM itself, Peek is simply a quick and easy way to check notifications from a device’s slumbering state. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are two pieces of good news, however. Some of the changes in the Peek app do trickle down into Paranoid Android, and will even be open sourced later on, so it’s not a totally closed matter. These are mostly related to the core functionality and bug fixes rather than cosmetic options and addons. Also, users who do prefer to use the paid app version instead of the built-in one can do so even if they are on Paranoid Android already. The latest version of the app will automatically disable PA’s integrated version so that no clashes happen between the two.

Download: Peek on Google Play Store
SOURCE: +Paranoid Android