The first public Paranoid Android HALO beta dropped late last week and it looks like we have another update this week. In short, HALO has been released as an open source offering. The Paranoid Android team has spelled out the details on Google+ and along with the open source news they have included a reminder about how HALO is still in beta.

Not to mention, about how the code has not been cleaned and that support for both the TabletUI and PIE remain unfinished. Needless to say, the team has deemed it “ready enough for release.” We aren’t sure who will pick this up or what ROMs this feature will show up in, however there are now two HALO related offerings on Github.

In addition to the open sourcing, the Paranoid Android team also took some time to thank Facebook.

“Again, we would like to thank Facebook’s clever engineers for this idea. We’ve had a blast bringing expanding to new levels and making it entirely and creatively our own.”

The Facebook comments go on to speak about how HALO is not a carbon copy, but an extension. The team has said they “tried hard to make it adapt to Android as best as we can.” This process started by extending the functionality to cover all apps and ultimately ended with “the sort of integration which you would expect from any native feature.”

That said, there was also some details released about the current build. The team has said there doesn’t appear to be any crashing or spontaneous reboots and perhaps more important, that it shouldn’t pose any danger to your battery or overall performance. Anyway, as a result of the open sourcing, here is a list of recent changes;

  • HALO has white & blacklists now. Blacklists prevent apps from pinging through HALO. Whitelists do the same but only allow pinging when you explicitly allow it for individual apps.
  • Everything is silenced
  • Dismissal of notifications has been improved
  • PA Wallpapers has been taken out of the rom and can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store:
  • DCHSPA symbol when the DCHSPA network is being used.
  • Dirk Rettschlag’s Quick unlock
  • PIE option for empty angle (the start gap)
  • Brightness dialog updates
  • StatusBar Date/Time layout changes
  • Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
  • Launcher does not need to be started when you go in and out of full screen (no more black flicker)

SOURCE: Google+