If you have installed a custom ROM such as Paranoid Android or CyanogenMod you likely understand the need for the GAPPS package. At the same time, you likely understand the frustration of those packages. They can be frustrating for a variety of reasons and it looks like the folks at Paranoid Android have taken this matter into their hands. Coming by way of the Paranoid Android Google+ page, we have the “Official 0-Day GAPPS.”

Now take note, the team acknowledges this is entering a “legal gray area.” They go on to talk about how they hope “Google decides to turn a blind eye on this let us at least do them the courtesy of making sure the original Google experience isn’t broken or adulterated.” But perhaps more important here, they are promising this 0-Day package to work on all ROMs.

The Google apps included will be unmodified, always up to date and complete. The package will include all the necessary dependencies and libs, the ability to survive ROM updates (with mention that “most” ROMs support this feature) and that on Paranoid Android — they auto update over-the-air.

And if you still needed more convincing, they go onto mention how “you won’t find a cleaner offering with that level of maintenance no matter which Rom you run.” In addition to the details coming from the Google+ page, the team also have a thread going over on the xda-developers forum.

That thread includes a bit more detail on the packages as well as links to download. There are options for a full complete package, full modular package, mini modular package and add-on modules. The package you want will depend on the apps you prefer to have and each has a full and proper description so there should not be any surprise in terms of what you are downloading.