There are some obvious perks for those carrying and using a Nexus branded device. Perhaps the most talked about is the speed of updates. Google announced Android 4.3 a short time back and the update began rolling-out almost immediately. While getting the official updates is nice to see, the other side of these perks often means quick work when it comes to third party custom ROMs.

We have seen some details and nightly builds from the CyanogenMod team. They have begun offering CM10.2 which is a build of Android 4.3. And now it looks like we have something from the Paranoid Android team. This release is specifically for those rocking a Nexus 4 and is labeled as “Nexus 4 Mako 4.3 JSS15J Preview.”

That being said, while clearly listed as a preview release, the Google+ page for the Paranoid Android team has a set of instructions to get up and running along with links to the necessary files that will need to be downloaded. Basically, that means grabbing the latest radio and bootloader along with the 4.3 Gapps.

From here is is a matter of grabbing the Paranoid Android ROM, doing a factory reset on your handset and then beginning the process of installing the ROM and the Gapps. And for those wondering, all files are able to be flashed by way of recovery. Before you begin though, there is one word of caution for those in need of root — as was pointed out, this build has problems with root.

Not much that can be done with that just yet. The Paranoid Android team has said this means “PAPrefs will not be able to write hybrid props.” On the flip side, the hybrid engine is OK, but “you cant communicate to it.” Otherwise, a quick skim of the comments on the Google+ page show some issues. Overall things seem relatively smooth, but if you are going to give this an install — make sure you go in knowing that things may not be perfect just yet.

VIA: Google+ Paranoid Android