Paranoid Android might not be taking the spotlight when it comes to custom Android ROMs but it does have its fair share of unique features. In its third beta release, the developers have introduced an interesting feature that takes Android’s new Quick Settings menu and gives it an extra layer of options.

Android users, especially those on more vanilla or AOSP-based versions, are probably familiar by now with the Quick Settings menu introduced in Android 4.2. This menu, accessible directly from the status bar, gives users access to their most used settings. However, there are times when a particular task or option is actually covered by more than just a tile. For situations like these, Paranoid Android has introduced the concept of dual-layer tiles.

Take mobile data connections for example. More than just switching it on or off, one can also group switching between 4G, 3G, and 2G networks as a related task. Instead of wasting another tile for a related option, Paranoid Android uses dual-layer tiles instead. Think of dual-layers as tiles that have front and back options that you can flip over by tapping the small icon at the upper right corner. Other examples include the WiFi options which switch between a WiFi on/off toggle and a WiFi AP control, or the Bluetooth tile that flips between turning the Bluetooth on or off and making your device visible or not. The video below demonstrates that feature in action.

As mentioned, this new and improved Quick Settings is included in the latest Paranoid Android beta 3. Other new features include new on-the-spot dialogs for those options you want to set and forget right then and there as well as an option to hide only the status bar or only the navigation bar or both in immersive mode.

SOURCE: +Paranoid Android
VIA: Liliputing