If an RC1, for Release Candidate, shocked you, then a Paranoid Android RC2 just a week later might make you faint. Although there isn’t much new stuff included in this second release, the PA dev team has devoted a lot of work in squashing out some uglies and smoothening rough edges, hopefully with a final release in sight very soon now.

According to Paranoid Andorid, RC1 shipped with some rather nasty bugs, particularly around the Chrome web browser and some other apps that would inexplicably force close. Those have now been addressed. The release also includes some improvements, particularly in PA’s very own Peek notification feature, bringing in the improved sensor handling that we saw in the Peek 2.0 standalone app over the weekend.

Another kind of ugly that RC2 is chasing away is related to how the whole system will look. As promised, PA is bringing in upstream, which refers to the original source, changes and fixes for CyanogenMod’s Theme Engine. In addition to that, the developers have ensured that theming is applied on system components that have escaped their scrutiny last time. This new Theme Engine has also arrived on Google Play Store as the Cyanogen Theme Showcase app.

Paranoid Android 4.4 is shaping up to be quite an interesting custom ROM. With new features like Peek and Hover and a closer affinity to vanilla AOSP, the ROM will definitely be able to stand tall and proud and noticeable beside a more ubiquitous ROM like CyanogenMod.

SOURCE: +Paranoid Android